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Jesus said: "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, 
for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Mathew 19:14 

Smith Outreach Ministries of Kenya

The orphanage was established in 1993 to provide a place for children who are orphaned by HIV/AIDS and women who suffer from HIV/AIDS who have children.

To keep the children safe, since the 2007 tribal clashes; the children are at the orphanage during the day and leave after supper to stay with their extended families. We support the very poor children and HIV/ Aids patients in our village by providing food and other necessary services. We are able to feed 60 children. On occasion funding falls short and we are unable to feed all of the children.

We have a future plan to have a home for the children that do not have extended families.

The orphanage is located in the small village of Likii in Nanyuki town of Kenya. Nanyuki is a small town situated in the Rift Valley Province, located along the slopes of Mount Kenya. It houses a huge number of armed forces, game parks and is centrally cut in the middle by the equator. Tourism is a large part of the commercial activity in the community. Merchants from all parts of Kenya travel to this town to capitalize on the tourists and Armed Forces. The steady flow of cash 
from the tourist and armed forces have enabled the commercial sex trade. Likii being the housing for hundreds of slum dwellers, the steady cash flow from the tourist and armed forces, along with the commercial sex trade and deeply rooted traditions have made residents particularly vulnerable to HIV-infection. 

HIV/AIDS was discovered in Kenya in 1983; until five years later there was little knowledge of the disease in Nanyuki. The spread of AIDS grew and there was no known cure for the disease. Most of the young people lost their lives, leaving behind a trail of orphans. 

In the poverty stricken area most people were earning less than a dollar per day. This is a dry land with only minimal agriculture, no factories or big enterprises to provide employment. Most of the residents are unemployed which caused many young girls to start engaging as cheap commercial sex workers. 


By introducing the church to the community it has allowed us to seek ways to help the orphans by providing an education, health care, shelter and clothing. Susan Smith took the initiative to mobilize the community and to date they have built a non-permanent Church building, a sanctuary for the orphans, and a workshop for various skills training.


The ministry is registered with The Government Ministry of social services Under GRACIOUS ABBA FELLOWSHIP

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